About Us

FirreeCamp: Cultivating Culture, Elevating Cannabis Excellence

Born from the fertile soil of the Bay Area, FirreeCamp ignites a global cultural movement. Our roots are deeply intertwined with Oakland's essence, as we've dedicated 25 years to nurturing our unique legacy.

Just as our origins are firmly grounded in Oakland, our genetics mirror the spirit of the community. We've meticulously nurtured impeccable strains that encapsulate the resilience of our environment, akin to the sturdy oak.

 Our journey, as minority farmers and entrepreneurs, is a testament to rising through challenges to establish independent cultivation and distribution. FirreeCamp stands as a testament to the power of determination and innovation.

Inclusivity is etched at the core of FirreeCamp. We take immense pride in being minority-owned and family-operated, reflecting our heritage and unwavering dedication to forging connections within the cannabis community.

From our inception, authenticity and professionalism have guided us. We take pride in our commitment to delivering quality experiences, nurturing a culture of respect, and showcasing the legacy of cannabis done right.

Welcome to FirreeCamp, where we honor the past, elevate the present, and cultivate a future defined by cannabis excellence and cultural richness.